Your KDP Reports Made Useful

The KDP Reports Tool Amazon Forgot to Give to Authors


Track all your royalties in one single app. All your stats refresh automatically as they roll in. No need to refresh, import, or click a single button. It's always there, live.


With a super simple yet powerful interface, AKreport will let you track all your sales from royalties or KENP in a centralized panel, that contains all the info you need.


We will never ask for your password, and your sensitive data are always 100% private and safe and we can guarantee that. We take security issues very seriously.

The KDP Dashboard you always Wanted

Before :(

After :)

Sort According to your Needs

AKreport offers a variety of options to sort your sales table. Sort according to Total Revenue, Paperback Revenue, Pages Read, Free Units, Paid Units, or even Rating and Ranking. The most flexible system on the market.

Track your Sales

No matter where you are in the world, through AKreport, you will be able to track not only your analytic sales, but also the sales ranking and rating of your books, the changes you make, and every useful detail a KDP publisher needs.

Custom Book Alias

Publishers some times need to publish many books with the same name. But then it's kind of difficult to find a specific book they need.

That's why we have implemented the custom aliases feature. Now you can change the title of a book in the AKreport interface without altering the actual name of the book on your KDP account.

Find the book you want in seconds with the custom aliases feature.

Multi-functional Environment

✓ No need to upload or install anything.
✓ Track your Sales, Paperback and KENP royalties separately.
✓ Track the sales rank and rating of your books.
✓ Customize your dashboard according to your preference.
✓ Have your whole sales analytics in a super useful panel.
✓ Sort your data according to your criteria.
✓ Create custom book lists according to your needs.
✓ Use custom book aliases for easy tracking.
✓ Import your data from previous months and start right away.
✓ View earnings per different Amazon store.

Custom Book Lists

With custom book lists you'll be able to create lists of books for quick access. All KDP reports tools face the same issue. It takes ages to select or deselect all the books you want in your report.

With AKreport, selecting or deselecting only the specific books you need, is a breeze. After you create your custom lists with books, you'll have it ready to select in your book picker.

So for example, in this way you can create a list of all your fiction or non-fiction books and view their data with a click.