create perfect kindle book title

How To Create The Perfect Title For Your Kindle Book

So you've finally written the novel of your dreams. Full of action-packed adventure, steamy romance, and incredibly complicated plot twists, you're just about ready to debut your work to a vast audience all around...
how to get isbn number

ISBN Numbers: Why It’s Important and How To Get One

So you want to self-publish a book? Congratulations! Deciding to get started is a big first step towards accomplishing your authorship goals and getting a sense of pride in your work. Self-publishing a book is...
Protect your book from plagiarism

How To Protect Your Book From Plagiarism

Writing a book is not easy. It takes tons of hard work and research, as well as countless hours crafting your thoughts into words. Now imagine all that hard work you put in becomes basically...

How to use AKreport on Android

Below you'll find the steps required to access AKreport on Android, without using your desktop. Step 1: Create your AKreport bookmarklet with your desktop browser as shown in the Installation page.  Step 2: Open you KDP dashboard...

Analyzing the Settings Panel on AKreport

In this explanatory walkthrough, I'm going to explain to you the different option in the AKreport settings panel. In this panel you can set a different number of options like: Currency of the app Importing of...

How the Custom Book Alias Works in AKreport

Hi there, This is one our favorite features in AKreport. Custom book aliases will give you the capability of changing the name/title of your books in AKreport without interfering with the actual name or title in...

How to Use the Custom Book Lists in AKreport

Hi all, Custom book lists, will allow you to create complex lists of books for easy access. Instead of selecting and deselecting books one by one, you can use our custom lists feature, to do...

How to Install AKreport on Mobile Safari

Below you'll find the steps required to install AKreport on mobile Safari, on iPhone, without using your desktop. Step 1: Download mobile Chrome Step 2: Go to AKreport.com Step 3: Touch on the Get Started Now For...
previous months auto import - AKreport

How to Import Older Data

Hello AKreporters, Today we are simply thrilled to announce you the release of a cool new feature that will allow you to import your data from previous months and many more new options. Replacing the old...