pricing your self published book

How To Pick The Perfect Price When Selling Your Next Book

How much is your book worth? A few dollars? $25 bucks? Or does it even really matter? After all, your job as a writer is to create content, not price tags. Right? Well, not...

How To Create Book Chapters and Subheadings For Your Book

It's one thing to write out a story. It's another thing to organize it. And it's another thing entirely to create manageable chapters and subheadings! We won't beat around the bush: creating book chapters and...
create perfect introduction for your book

How To Create The Perfect Introduction For Your Book

Many authors in the field today can tell you that the most challenging part of writing is just getting started. Sometimes called 'blankpage-itis,' the stress of starting a new project can be extremely daunting....
book design and layout software

Book Design and Layout Software: How To Get Started

If you thought writing your book was hard, wait until you start working on its design and layout! For self-published writers and authors, the art of book design is one of the most challenging aspects...
publisher imprint how to create one

What Is a Publisher Imprint? How To Create One For Yourself

Maybe you've been writing your own books for a long time. Maybe you're preparing to make a huge multi-novel series. Maybe you just want to spice up your self-publishing lifestyle. For all these reasons and...
become a fiction self published author

How To Become a Full-Time Fiction Self Published Author

So you want to be a full-time self-published fiction writer? It's a mouthful to say, and a big commitment to handle! You might have heard people say that it's just not possible to do...
mastering self editing your ebook

Mastering Self-Editing: How To Check Your eBook

It's certainly no secret that editing is one of the least loved parts of writing. For every word that is written, another round of edits must be made. Frustration aside, editing is one of...
kindle ebook layouts and page margins

How To Set Up Your Kindle eBook Layouts and Page Margins

Writing a novel is one thing, but formatting it properly is a different beast entirely. If you are having a book professionally published by an agency, chances are that the formatting process is not...
fonts typography guide

Understanding Fonts and Typography: A Complete Guide

Writing a book requires lots of particulars. Not only do you have to think about cover photos, indexes, and copyrights, but you will also have to face some of the most foundational elements of...
create perfect kindle book title

How To Create The Perfect Title For Your Kindle Book

So you've finally written the novel of your dreams. Full of action-packed adventure, steamy romance, and incredibly complicated plot twists, you're just about ready to debut your work to a vast audience all around...