First of all, how does AKreport work?

AKreport is what we call a bookmarklet. It works like a bookmark, but instead of opening a new page when you click on it, it runs some safe code on your browser. In the case of AKreport, the code collects your sales data from Amazon's servers and shows it to you, in a more useful way.

I worry about my data. Is it safe?

Absolutely yes! Keeping your data private and safe is the top priority for us - we are publishers ourselves, so we know exactly how important this is. Although some of your data are downloaded and stored on our servers, they are saved in a completely secured encrypted form. 

For more details, read our Privacy Policy

I have made a new sale, but no royalties show up. What's wrong?

You've made a sale, but the royalties are lagging a bit. Amazon sales and royalties reporting isn't synchronous, so the only thing you can do about is sit back and wait for a few minutes until the royalties catch up. Worst case scenario is to lag behind a few minutes. So no big deal.

What's the deal with your subscription plan?

After your free trial is up, (that is after 30 days), you'll be asked for your credit card details through a secure form. All payments are securely taken care by Braintree so you do not need to worry about security issues at all.

Can I cancel my plan?

Of course you can. Just send us an email here and we'll cancel your plan within 24 hours.

For customer with monthly plans, if your card was charged after you have sent the cancellation email, we'll refund the full amount of money. 

For customers with yearly plans, we'll refund the full amount of your payment if your cancellation email was sent withing the first three months since your payment. After the third month, no refund can be made.

Best quality experience is a top priority for us, so we don't want to take your money, if you aren't enjoying our service.

Can I import data from previous months using the .xls files from Amazon KDP?

Absolutely. We have specifically made this feature available after many requests. You can take a look at this post for more details on how to import previous months to AKreport.

Is it possible to change the currency the app uses?

Look at the “Settings” tab. You'll find the currency option, as well as a few other handy options there.

Does it work with mobile Safari and Android?

Sure thing. Please check the mobile Safari instructions and the mobile Android instructions.

I have a ton of books I don't need data for. Can I exclude them from my dashboard?

Sure you can. That's why we created the "Active Library" feature. What it does essentially is that it allows you to select only the books you want to see detailed stats about. This way the app will be lightweight, fast and responsive.

Please note that no matter how many books you choose to see detailed stats for, the Overview section with the totals won't be affected. In other words, the Overview section and the Table section work 100% independently. Moreover, every time you publish a new book it will be automatically added to your Active Library. You won't have to add it manually yourself.

Here's a short video of the "Active Library" feature in action.

Do you take feature requests?

You bet! Just send us an email here with anything you might want to be implemented, and we'll get back to you with our thoughts. We can't promise to implement all ideas, but we'll do our best. Moreover we’ll make sure to get back to you, whether we're going to implement it or not.

Security is my biggest issue. I'd like more details.

For Sure. After all, your confidence is the most important aspect for us. Here is the complete list of all the details that happen behind the scenes by our app:

  • All users will need to set a password in order to use AKreport.
  • This will make sure that everyone’s data is secure and it will require authentication before getting any data back from our service.
  • The password of each user is saved in our database in an encrypted format by using the bcrypt algorithm. You can read more about that here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bcrypt.
  • Nobody knows your password but you, so in case you forget it, we support the functionality of resetting your password by creating a “reset password” token (96 random chars in hex format) that is only valid for 24h, and sending it to your email address. If you fail to use it in this time frame you have to request a new one.
  • The authentication then is being realized via creating another auth token that is saved as a browser cookie.
  • The authentication tokens will expire after 2 days of their creation. Even if you cache somewhere else your cookie or someone gets a hold of it after 2 days of its creation, it is useless.
  • For ease of use, everytime someone signs in our app with a token, the token is renewed and its expiration time, hence the user can stay logged in without having to re-login.
  • We are using JWT (json web tokens) which are generated with the algorithm HMAC SHA256. You can read more about JWT here https://jwt.io/introduction/
  • Encryption of all data in our database is performed using AES-256-CBC with a random, unique initialization vector for each operation.
  • The encrypted data that we store by default in our database are: user created custom aliases, user created custom lists, the customer IDs, email addresses and user preferences.
  • What we also store in our database are the imported monthly reports from KDP, only after the user chooses so.
  • AKreport will not store any data other than the ones mentioned above.

If you're still unsure about our processes, have a look at our Privacy Policy. If all of that didn't calm down your worries, please feel free to send us an email with your questions.

Do all the reports take a long time to generate?

This can depend on various things like how quickly KDP is responding, your computer, or even your Internet speed. On average though, it shouldn't take more than a few seconds per book for the first time you will use the app. After the first time, your reports should be ready within a matter of seconds.

Something is weird or broken with your app. What can I do?

There are four steps you can follow to hopefully solve any of your problems:

  1. First refresh your webpage and then click the AKreport bookmarklet again.
  2. Wait for the progress bar to load all the way.
  3. Try clearing the cache of your browser (hard refresh) and then click the AKreport bookmarklet again.
  4. Send us an email here and tell us what seems to be the problem.

All apps can have bugs, so we can't promise that everything will function perfectly fine 100% of the time. But by following these steps, our customers manage to solve their problem 99% of the times.

I'd like to pay with PayPal, how come you don't accept it?

We have considered PayPal as a payment option, as many publishers like it, but in the end we decided no to use it. Mainly for one important reason: Privacy. When you pay with PayPal, the seller (that's us) can see your name and your address. We know that a lot of authors and publishers aren't comfortable with giving away such information.

So for now we're good to go with Braintree. If you don't feel okay to pay with Braintree, please visit their page. Many big businesses like Boxed, Casper, and Marketplace use Braintree as their main payment system. Braintree is a PCI Service Provider Level 1, which guarantees they need to comply with the most strict security measures available.

Are you a person, a corporation, or what?

We are two actually. Our names are Nasos and Roberto. Nasos is the developing force behind this app, and Roberto is the publisher /marketing guy. We really believe this app will make your life a lot easier.

I still got a couple of questions, what should I do?

Just send us an email and we'll reply back withing 24 hours.

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