Like I always love to say, here in AKreport headquarters, we never sleep :p

We take your feedback very seriously and we deliver based on your comments and suggestions.

One of the most asked features for a while now, was the ability for the users to see book earnings per store and a very handy search box on the book picker drop down.

So after sitting down to think which one to implement first, we decided to give you both. So here you are.

From now on, AKreport supports book earning per store view and also a search box on the book filter.

Per store data and the new search box features are available to both Basic and Pro customers.

Here’s how you can use them.

Revenue data per store

By default per store view is turned on, here’s your new view of your main dashboard:

The new detailed data per store shows:

  • Percentage of total revenue for this store
  • Total revenue for this store
  • And revenue per royalties, KENP and paperback

We will show analytic data for your five top store which for more cases account for like 99% of the total revenue. To see details for the rest of the stores just hover over the big “i” which contains all the info broken down for the rest of the stores.

In case you don’t want to have the view per store visible, you can turn it off from the settings tab by selecting the respective option as shown below.

*Important note: In order for the per store data to work for views older than 90 days old, you will have to enable the auto-import of data .xls from the setting. Otherwise AKreport will only show you data for date ranges less than 90 days old.

To enable this option visit your settings tab and press the Import previous months button shown below:

Inside the pop up window tick the box Auto Import data as shown below:

Now all you have to do is go back to your main dashboard and enjoy your full revenue data per store.

Search box in book filter

The second major update is the all-new search box in the book filtering.

From now on, you’ll be able to search faster for any book you want just by typing its name or alias in the search box.

We really hope that you’ll enjoy both new features as much as we do using them.

As always if you got any questions or feedback, please shoot us an email here.