Below you’ll find the steps required to install AKreport on mobile Safari, on iPhone, without using your desktop.

Step 1: Download mobile Chrome
Step 2: Go to
Step 3: Touch on the Get Started Now For Free button to go to the Installation page
Step 4: Touch and hold the AKreport applet button until you get this screen:

Step 5: Select Copy Link URL
Step 6: Close Chrome and Open Safari
Step 7: Go to and touch the Bookmark icon to bookmark it. Tip: Save it to Favorites to find it easily.
Step 8: Once you’ve saved AKreport as a bookmark – select Edit

Step 9: Select the AKreport bookmark
Step 10: Paste the Javascript into the bookmark and select Done to save your changes.

Step 11: Select Done to close the Edit screen
Step 12: Now when you click the AKreport bookmark it will remind you that you need to be on the KDP site. Select OK.

Step 13: You will be redirected to the KDP site. Tap on the AKreport bookmark again. Note: If this is the first time using it, it will require you to sign in, so have your password ready.
Step 14: Review your report and enjoy!