Hello AKreporters,

Today we are simply thrilled to announce you the release of a cool new feature that will allow you to import your data from previous months and many more new options.

Replacing the old functionality, from now on, AKreport will automatically, import your revenue sales from previous months in case you choose so.

You won’t have to lift a finger to import the sales data yourselves.

To do so, after you visit the settings page click on the “Import Previous Months” button and then tick the check-box “Auto Import Data” as shown in the screenshot below.

previous months auto import - AKreport

Also if you later regret it, you can delete all the data from our server. This will disable the Litetime Imported data view from the date-picker on your dashboard.

From now on, each time there’s an update in the imported month, you’ll be notified about the previous months imported.

The notification will look something like this:

Also note that as the notification says, from now on, AKreport will automatically import your new .xls reports each month. You won’t have to do anything yourselves.

In the settings menu in the place of the old import data, you will now find the option to let the app decide the current month’s KENP rate. You can either let the app assign it automatically or you can assign this value manually by ticking the respective check box.

custome current kenp rate - akreport

After the app is done importing all your previous months, you’ll be able to access these new data from the date picker  in the “Overview” tab.

Now you have 4 new options to show your data. These options are:

  • This Year: That will show you all the royalties of the current year starting from January 1st
  • Last Year: That will show you all the royalties of the previous year
  • Lifetime (Daily): That will show you all the royalties on a daily scope from the first available date (the date you started to use the app)
  • Lifetime (Imported): That will show you all the available royalties on a monthly scope for all the imported months our app found in your account.

Important Note: You might notice a difference in royalties between the live/requested data and the imported data. This is due to the fact that Amazon, has a different KENP rate for each store. So despite the fact that you can set your own KENP rate for Amazon US store, we thought it would be overkill to do the same for each Amazon store. As a general rule of thumb, note that imported data tend to be more accurate because they can be considered finalized.