Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy was posted on  31 March 2016 and last updated on 18 April 2017.

Your Privacy

AKreport follows all legal requirements to protect your privacy. Our Privacy Policy is a legal statement that explains how we may collect information from you, how we may share your information, and how you can limit our sharing of your information.

  • All users will need to set a password in order to use AKreport.
  • This will make sure that everyone’s data is secure and it will require authentication before getting any data back from our service.
  • The password of each user is saved in our database in an encrypted format by using the bcrypt algorithm. You can read more about that here
  • Nobody knows your password but you, so in case you forget it, we support the functionality of resetting your password by creating a “reset password” token (96 random chars in hex format) that is only valid for 24h, and sending it to your email address. If you fail to use it in this time frame you have to request a new one.
  • The authentication then is being realized via creating another auth token that is saved as a browser cookie.
  • The authentication tokens will expire after 2 days of their creation. Even if you cache somewhere else your cookie or someone gets a hold of it after 2 days of its creation, it is useless.
  • For ease of use, everytime someone signs in our app with a token, the token is renewed and its expiration time, hence the user can stay logged in without having to re-login.
  • We are using JWT (json web tokens) which are generated with the algorithm HMAC SHA256. You can read more about JWT here
  • Encryption of all data in our database is performed using AES-256-CBC with a random, unique initialization vector for each operation.
  • The encrypted data that we store by default in our database are: user created custom aliases, user created custom lists, the customer IDs, email addresses and user preferences.
  • What we also store in encrypted format in our database are the imported monthly reports from KDP, only after the user chooses so.
  • AKreport will not store any data other than the ones mentioned above.  

Our User Data Policy

We agree that we will not sell, rent, or trade your user data with any third-party without your permission.

Privacy Policy Updates

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. You should review this Privacy Policy frequently. If we make material changes to this policy, we may notify you on our Website, by a blog post, by email, or by any method we determine. The method we chose is at our sole discretion. We will also change the “Last Updated” date at the beginning of this Privacy Policy. Any changes we make to our Privacy Policy are effective as of this Last Updated date and replace any prior Privacy Policies.

In case you got any worries or concerns about our privacy policy, please send us an email here and we’ll address your concerns as soon as possible.

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